Best 10 Free Php Webhosting to create Wapsites

If you plan to create a wap site you need php hosting .It is very difficult to make wapsite on Non php hosting becuase there are thousand of  pages which are hard to create or link together.But now you can use Some script like MasterLand Auto Index.With help of such script you can easily create professional wapsite.For these type of Script you need Php hosting services.You can find many  free webhosting service also which support php and prove mysql functinality also which is helpful in creating a perfect wapsite . Here in this topic we provide  some of the “Best 10 Free Php webhosting to create WapSites”

Advantages Of Php Hosting :
By using free Cpanel Web Hosting Services , You can create free wapsite. You can also provide free Ultimate Downloading service for your wapsite users . It is very easy to create services like Forum  , Search , Etc on Php webhosting .

Top 10 Free Php Hosting Sites :

  1. 2FreeHosting : 2FreeHosting is one of the best solution to start your free Php wapsite . 2FreeHosting providing about 20GB Space – 150GB Bandwidth – Free Cpanel Hosting + One Premium Domain with their free Php Cpanel Hosting Plan .
  2. 5GBFree : 5GBFree is a free Hosting site like 2Free Hosting , They getting 5GB Diskspace for their free Cpanel plan . They don’t add ads on the site , But they have some restriction to use some of the utilities in their Cpanel .
  3. 3Owl Hosting : 3Owl Hosting is the another Free Php Hosting Solution to host your free wapsite . 3Owl is mainly for WordPress users but wapmaster’s can also create their wapsite on 3Owl .
  4. 000WebHosting : 000WebHost is an another free Cpanel hosting like 2FreeHosting . But here on 000WebHost they allowing only 1500Mb Hosting + 150Gb Bandwidth also there is lot of other restriction than 2FreeHosting .
  5. X10Hosting : X10Hosting is one the best Free Cpanel Hosting Solution like 2FreeHosting , X10Hosting allowing Unlimited Disc Space + Unlimited Bandwidth for creating wapsite .
  6. GoogieHost : GoogieHost is another free Php Cpanel Hosting Provider , GoogieHosting allowing 20GB Space + 200 GB Bandwidth to create wapsite also providing free Unlimited Email Address – Unlimited Database Etc .
  7. Capnix : Capnix is another Free Php Hosting provider like GoogieHost , Capnix providing 1000Mb Web Hosting Space – 1000Mb Bandwidth +  Premium Domain Parking – Etc .
  8. Host-Ed : Host-Ed is one of the best Web Hosting Service , They also providing free Webhosting package to create a free wapsite ,  1000Mp Disk Space + Parked Domain Ftp Etc .
  9. NuveHost : NuveHost is a simple Cpanel Web Hosting Solution – Providing Unlimited Disc Space – Unlimited Bandwidth – Unlimited Mysql Etc .
  10. FreeOst : FreeOst is also another Web Hosting Service like NuveHost , Simple & User Friendly . Providing 10000Mb Disk Space – No Ads Etc .
  11. BatServe : BatServe is also look like NuveHost , Providing Free Web Hosting with Unlimited Bandwidth & Disk Space also supported Parked Domains .

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