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Best Autopost social plugin for wordpress

Autopost Plugin makes your work easy and help to save your time and burden.Now whenever you publish a post there are many plugin which automatically publish the post on Social platform also.Here  some main autopost social networking plugin for wordpress are discussed.Hope they help you out:-

Twitterfeed feed your blog to twitter,facbook,linkedin and many more,serving many of feed to social networks

it take your RSS feed and make them social

  • Its very simple to step up Twitterfeed just create an account
  • Simply add your RSS
  • Track your feed thats it !!

Jetpack  it really only worked with WordPress.com blogs (it’s called Jetpack by WordPress.com), it has a  feature called Publicize.Publicize easily connected to social network accounts like Twitter,facebook,google+,This plugin  let  automatically post to Google+,Twitter,facebook.


Jetpack has many other feature like visitor stats, security services, speeding up images, and helping you get more traffic and good thing is that Jetpack is a free plugin.


Social Networks Auto Poster (SNAP). The base version of the plugin is free, but you need to pay $49 to get the version that allows you to post to Google+.Some of use full feature of SNAP are:-


  • Google+ and Pinterest posting (Pro Version)
  • You can delay your auto posting by up to 48 hours after the publish date (Pro Version)
  • When you post to Twitter and Facebook, you need to set up an App to post. It looks awesome seeing your website name as the app who sent out the tweet or blog post
  • More than one account allowed for Facebook, Twitter, etc. (Pro Version)
  • Everything looks as if I did all of my posting by hand. It’s beautiful
  • It’s native to WordPress, so does not rely on RSS or pinging to work, which is great for future-proofing

So its your Choice now which plugin works better and appropriate for you.please comment and share your Experience .


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