How to Create and Submit Blogger Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tool

Sitemap is nothing but a group of accessible pages by Google,Yahoo,Bing and other search engines.In Sitemap the Random homepage gets high priority and the posts get low priority. Though we can set priority in WordPress or Joomla but in Blogger its difficult.

Problem With Default Blogger Sitemap!

The Good news is blogger has an inbuilt default sitemap generator powered by blogger but the bad news is it only takes the recent 25 posts .You can check your default sitemap by using the link

In default sitemap post’s dont get indexed properly but all the labels, authors, images with alt tags get indexed which makes your serp look akward so in this tutorial learn how to get all your posts indexed properly

To create a sitemap.xml for Blogger/Blogspot:

If you are from Blogger (Or) you are using a blogspot then you don’t need to create a sitemap for your site!!!


Because Blogger is now automatically creating sitemaps itself to your blogger/blogspot. So you don’t need to create sitemap  again.

Goto your site to check whether the sitemap is there or not:

Replace you site link in the place of “yourdomain”

Now the Next Task is to File the sitemap in Robots.txt file in the below format and subit it to WebMaster Tools.

User-agent: *
Allow: /


Submit your Sitemap to Webmaster Tools Like Google,Bing,etc:

Follow the Simple Steps Below to submit your sitemap to Webmaster Tools

  1. Goto Google’s Webmaster Tools or any other Search engines webmaster(Recommended to go to google 1st).
  2. Login with your credintials if you are not signed in.
  3. Add Your Website by clicking “Add Property”
  4. Verify your Ownership by suitable methods(Update: Blogger Doesnt needs any special verification if you are using the same gmail account for blogger and webmastertools)
  5. In the Drop Down Menu from left side of console click Crawl->Sitemaps

sitemap.xml for bloggerThen on upper right corner you can see Add/Test Sitemap

Just type “sitemap.xml” in the given space and click on Submit Sitemap.

Later it promotes to refresh the page and you can see that links are submitted, by two or three links get indexed in Search Results.


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