How to Disable Image Hotlinking In WordPress Blog Easiest Methods

Disable Image Hotlinking In WordPress Blog Easiest MethodsWe all know that Copying data is illegal and wrong practice but when it concern with your server resources and bandwidth its effect to the person who pay for the precious resources , Mostly people do not care that their actions can have an bad effect.

Actually we are talking  about image hotlinking, Hotlinking is when other site use the images of your website. so we have to disable image hotlinking in WordPress to prevent our precious resources on our hosting server.


i will share some methods with you so you caneasily turn off hotlinking on your WordPress blog .

Why You need to Disable Image Hotlinking In WordPress Blog


At the point when other website hotlink your pictures, they channel your server’s assets and may even cost you cash (in the event that you need to pay for data transfer capacity). Particularly on the off chance that you are utilizing a managed WordPress facilitating, odds are high that you have restricted transmission capacity.

Despite the fact that the picture is showing up on another person’s webpage, your web server still needs to process that ask for and convey the picture to that website. On the off chance that that site gets a great deal of traffic, that will be a ton of solicitations for your server to process, which may back off your site.

Past that, numerous hosts charge dependent on the measure of data transfer capacity that you use. Hotlinking pictures utilize your transfer speed also, so you may finish up paying all the more with the goal that another person can utilize your pictures!

Be that as it may, except if you get some profit by letting individuals hotlink your pictures, you’ll most likely need to incapacitate hotlinking on your WordPress site.


How to Check if people are already hotlinking your images?

All you need to do is search for this in Google Images:

inurl:yoursite.com -site:yoursite.com

Just replace “yoursite.com” with your actual domain name


Steps To Disable Image Hotlinking In WordPress With .htaccess

If you know that how to edit your WordPress site’s .htaccess file, you can use the .htaccess method for disabling the image hotlinking .To follow this method, you’ll need to be able to either:

  • Connect to your site via FTP
  • Access cPanel File Manager

Connect To Your Server Via FTP

you can easily use FileZilla FTP software to connect to your server via FTP. After connecting browse to the folder for your Domain name in your WordPress site

Generate .htaccess Code Snippet

Now use the free hotlink protection tool to generate the code which you will need for the next step.

This tool help you to exclude from the sites from being blocked. You have to add your domain there and with this you have to add the popular search engines and social networks to ensure they’ll have no issues working with your images.

You can leave the rest of the fields as the defaults:

prevent hotlinking of image


Once you’re done, click the Generate .htaccess file button at the bottom to generate the code snippet. It should look something like this:

disable hotlinking


Keep this window open because you will need this code snippet in the next step.

Edit .htaccess File And Add Code Snippet

After connected to your site with the FTP or File manager, right-click on the .htaccess file in your site’s root folder and edit it. Your root folder is the same folder that contains the wp-admin folder and wp-config.php file

  • Add the code snippet from the previous step to your site’s .htaccess file

Then, make sure to save your .htaccess file and, if necessary, re-upload it to your server.

And that’s it! People will no longer be able to hotlink your images.


How To Disable Image Hotlinking In WordPress With Plugins

If you think you have not to use the .htaccess method above, some WordPress security plugins help you with the include built-in functionality to help you block hotlinking.

Again, I think the .htaccess method above is your best option, but this  free All In One WP Security & Firewall plugin can also help you for disabling image hotlinking in wordpress

Once you install and activate the plugin, go to WP Security → Firewall. Then, choose the Prevent Hotlinks tab and check the box to Prevent Image Hotlinking:

Prevent Image hotlinking in wordpress site


How To Disable Image Hotlinking using Cloudflare

You can disable image hotlinking using Cloudflare service as a content delivery network, it includes a built-in dashboard setting that lets you disable hotlinking. It’s called Hotlink Protection.

To enable hotlink protection in Cloudflare, go to your Cloudflare dashboard and navigate to the ScrapeShield tab:

prevent hotlink image in wordpress blog


Then, scroll down to the Hotlink Protection setting and turn it on:

prevent hotlink image in wordpress blog-1


So these are the few method you can use to disable Image Hotlinking In WordPress Blog.Hope you find the way you want to use for your wordpress site.


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