How to make your blogger post sticky on homepage

How to make your blogger post sticky on homepage

Here we include two methods to make a post sticky on homepage. We have checked both the methods both works perfectly you can use anyone of them one method is using future date and the other one is adding a html widget.Blogger Sticky Post

Method 1 – Using scheduled post for making Sticky Post (Temporary-Method)

  1. Sign in to Blogger select you blog  in which you want to make a post sticky
  2. Now write a New Post or Open a Published one which you want to make it sticky.
  3. After that on the sidebar click on the Schedule tab if it is a new post. If you are making a older post sticky you will see Published on. From there click Set date & time.
  4. And select the future date, as mentioned earlier it is a temporary method the post will be sticky until it reaches the selected date.See the below screenshot

sticky post blogger

Method 2 – Using Html/Java Script Widget for Sticky Post.

This is an alternative manual method to Make a Sticky Post but it is permanent until you change the Schedule.In this method you must Add a html widget in the Layout section. Not a Complicated

  1. Sign in to your Blogger Dashboard.
  2. Select the Blog in which you want to make your post sticky.
  3. Open the post which you want to make it sticky.From the HTML section select and Copy all the HTML content and close it.Sticky Post Blogger
  4. Goto the Layout area and select Add HTML/JavaScript Widget.Sticky Post Blogger
  5. Now Paste the copied HTML content of the post and save it.Sticky Post Blogger

Now you can see your post sticky on your homepage. Please preview after making changes to your blog. your comments are appreciated.


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