Use Double whatsapp accounts or dual whatsapp on single phone

Run multiple whatsapp accounts or dual whatsapp on single phone.

Really is that this potential ? Well the solution is affirmative, currently this is often potential. however ? we’ll see the “ogwhatsapp trick” during this post.

Well whatsapp messenger is one amongst the simplest messenger app that permit you to chat along with your friends, share pictures, videos, location, etc. It additionally permits you to form your own friend groups for mass communication. i suppose the one who have smartphone can should have whatsapp app in their phones.
If you haven’t have it in your phone. you’ll be able to install it at no cost from google play store. it’s also supportable in each mobile OS like windows, IOS etc.

But the biggest headache is for the people that are using dual SIM mobile phones and needed to own separate whatsapp accounts for each number. sadly this is often impossible with simple whatsapp app.

So, here the question should be coming back in your mind,

will we have a tendency to run multiple whatsapp accounts in one phone.
will we have a tendency to use whatsapp dual sim.
will we have a tendency to use two whatsapp in single phone.
will we’ve got dual whatsapp accounts.

Well you may get the answers of your queries during this post solely. I even have created two ways you’ll be able to go with the one that suits you the foremost. technique one (by downloading ogwhatsapp) is pretty recommendable whereas in technique two (with SwitchMe app) you wish some technical information and you furthermore may should have rooted android phone. So, its better to choose technique one if your phone isn’t rooted.

So, currently lets quickly move forward and lets see a way to run two whatsapp accounts in single phone.

Run multiple whatsapp accounts on any android phone:

Method one : By using ogwhatsapp apk
ogwhatsapp is basically an android app that enables you to run multiple whatsapp accounts on single phone. It run separately {with your|together with your|along with your} #1 and original whatsapp with be running with your number two. isn’t its simple ? Please follow the step by step guide mentioned below.

Step one : Take proper backup of your whatsapp data by going into settings.

Step two :- now clear all of your whatsapp information.
Go to phone settings >> apps >> whatsapp >> clear data.

Step three :- now rename “whatsapp” folder (in sdcard or file manager) to “ogwhatsapp”.

Step four :- now you have to uninstall the original whatsapp app for a while. So, uninstall it.

Step five :- And download and install ogwhatsapp apk latest version.

Step vi :- once you’ve got installed ogwhatsapp, it’ll ask you to verify your old number which you was using in original whatsapp app. simple enter that number and click on on “ok”.

Step seven :- now re-install original whatsapp and this time register it with your new number i.e sim two number and you’re done.

Ahhh this is crazy 😛

Now enjoy two separate whatsapp accounts for each the sim on your single android phone while not even rooting your android device. Wasn’t it absolutely was simple and easy ?

Please leave your positive comments at the end of this post if this technique works for you 🙂

Now lets see technique two during which the per-requisite is you must have rooted android phone.

Method two :- By using SwitchMe android app to run multiple accounts

SwitchMe is another superb android app that enables you to have 2 separate whatsapp accounts in single android device but the condition is you need rooted android phone.

I have written straightforward steps below. You follow them and do let me know if you are facing any problem, within the comments below.

Step one :- ensure that your android phone is rooted.

Step two :- ensure that whatsapp is already installed on your android device.

Step three :- now download and install SwitchMe app from google play store.

Step four :- Launch the app now and it’ll ask for superuser permission. simple click on “grant” button.

Step five :- now your android phone will show you one warning like “incorrect use of this app might harm your phone” simple ignore this and click on on “close” button.

Step vi :- currently you’ve got to form two completely different profiles/accounts so you’ll be able to use multiple whatsapp accounts. So, to try to to therefore merely click on “create profile” button.

Step seven :- Name your profile like “number 1” or “account 1” so click on “ok”.

Step eight :- Repeat the step seven and create another profile. Perform same thing and name your profile with “number 2” or whatever name you’d wish to give.

Step nine :- now you’ll be able to see your each accounts are ready in SwitchMe multiple accounts application.

Note :- Before moving to step ten let me clear some basics first.

Here basically you have created two accounts/2 profiles lets say account one and account two. So, here account one is your default whereas account two is secondary.

Now, the SwitchMe app logic is, it permit you to transfer and install separate app for every profile/account. so if you have whatsapp in your phone already then it should be operating in account one i.e primary account.

So if you switch to profile two/account 2 then again you have to install the whatsapp messenger for that.

Step ten :- I hope the above basics are clear to you. So, now simply switch to a different profile i.e account two in SwitchMe multiple accounts application.

Step eleven :- At the moment you will select secondary account i.e account two, your phone are restarted automatically. Once your smartphone is ON, then open Google playstore and install whatsapp on your secondary account.

Step twelve :- once installation, simply complete the registration method. Enter your another mobile number and that is it you are done. now you’ll be able to simply switch between two accounts.


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