Top 10 use of OTG cable on Android phone

USB OTG means on the go is one of the smartest features on Android phones. It’s a standard that allows USB OTG compatible devices for example other USB gadgets, such as keyboard,mouse, pen drives,card readers and even game controllers. here we present you the best way to use USB OTG cable on Android smart Phones

1. Use Mouse/Keyboards with Android Phone

2. Connect USB Flash Drives for Data Transfer and Media Playback

3. Create Music on Android with MIDI Controller Apps Using Musical Instruments

4. Control DSLR Camera(s) with Android Smartphones

5. Play Games on Android Smartphones with Game Controllers

6. Access Ethernet on Android Devices

7. Print Documents Stored on Android Phone

8. Import Photos from Digital Cameras to Android Device

9. Use Your Android Smartphone to Charge other Phones

10. Use USB Accessories with Android Phones

11. Record Audio directly to Your Android Smartphone

12. Transfer Contacts, Messages between Phones


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