How to Use Bigrock Domain name Instead of Blogger blogspot is best site for domain and hosting services.if you buy a domain from Bigrock.inand you want to use domain on blogger platform then you should use the  method to setup custom domain on blogger.Here are the neccessery steps discuss below :-

Step-1: First open up your blogger account and go to setting:-


Step-2 : Now in the basic menu under Setting click on Add Custom Domain

Step:3  Now  Enter the  Domain which you buy from ,Click Save button. (Here for example we are using our domain )


Step 4:When you click  the save button Blogger gives a Error Message ,Because blogger  not been able to verify your authority to this domain. Which means that Blogger wants to prove that you are owner of the  domain you want to Add to your blogger blog.
To prove your domain ownership you need to create CNAME records on your Bigrock Domain panel.Now All you need is to do is just Login into your Bigrock domain panel and create the CNAME records and point the domain to blogger nameservers according to the Steps below :-
 Now click on the DNS Management as shown in the image.
Next Step:-Now click on the Manage DNS as shown in image
  Now one popup window will appear, in which click on “A Records” tab. And Click on “Add A Record Button”.
Next Step:  Now leave name field as a blank and in IPV4 address field insert following code.
“” After It, click on “Add Record” button.
Now repeat This step three times more to add following three “A Records” in same way.

Next Step- After creating 4 different “A Records” for your domain, Go to CNAME tab to add “CNAME Records”. Now click on “CNAME Records” tab and then click on “Add CNAME Record” Button.
Next Step- In Host Name field write “www” and in value field insert following URL.   Then, Click on “Add Record” button.
Next Step- Log in your blogger Account, Go to setting > click basic button. Click On Add Custom DomainSwitch to advanced settings > Type your domain name with www ( and click Save button. Then your blog ask you to verify authority on that domain name. Now you have to create another CNAME record in Domain DNS to verify.
Next Step- Go to your “CNAME Records” tab and then click on “Add CNAME Record” Button. Copy first code and paste it in Host Name field. Similarly copy second code and paste it in “www” and in value field. Then finally click “Add Record”.  
Next Step- Now you need to verify your domain. For this, go to blogger Account. Setting > Basic button, Click on Add Custom Domain> Switch to advanced settings> Type your domain name with www (e.g. and click Save button. This time, you find there is no error.
It will take 2 hours more to updates DNS settings; See your blog with custom domain after 2 hours and Thats it Done !!!
If you are facing any problem please comments, we are alwayz happy to help you.

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